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Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Guoqiu Di Morning Post on October 8th! Is everyone happy on the last day of the long vacation?


In the early hours of this morning, several international football friendly matches were launched at the same time, and the major European powers all played, but the results of the games were quite different.


On this side, Italy beat Moldova 6-0, and Salavi had a double impact; France beat Ukraine 7-1 and Giroud became the second scorer in team history. On the other hand, Portugal dampened Spain 0-0, Cristiano Ronaldo shot in the center, and Patricio repeatedly slammed; Germany was tied 3-3 by Turkey, and the team was equalized three times with a three-time lead. . Probably the most embarrassing is the Dutch team. They lost 0-1 to Mexico in a friendly match, with few chances.

在这一方面,意大利以6-0击败摩尔多瓦,萨拉维产生了双重影响。法国以7-1击败乌克兰,吉鲁德成为球队历史上第二个得分手。另一方面,葡萄牙以0-0挫败了西班牙,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在中锋出手,帕特里西奥(Patricio)多次猛击;德国被土耳其以3-3扳平比分,而该队以3次领先的优势被三次扳平。 。也许最尴尬的是荷兰队。他们在一场友谊赛中以0-1不敌墨西哥。

In addition, according to multiple media reports, Inter Milan defender Shkriniar was infected with the new crown virus.


Please see the details below.


At 02:45 on October 8, Beijing time, Portugal played an international friendly match against Spain at home. In the first half, Hérard Moreno shot and was punished, Portugal shot zero in the half. In the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo shot the crossbar and sent a wonderful pass outside the instep. Renato Sanchez scored the ball and hit the frieze. Felix missed the chance to kill. Traore came off the bench to complete the national team's first show and performed very well. active. In the end, Portugal drew with Spain 0-0 at home.

北京时间10月8日02:45,葡萄牙主场对西班牙进行国际友谊赛。在上半场,埃拉德·莫雷诺(HérardMoreno)射门被罚,葡萄牙在上半场射门为零。下半场,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)射门横梁,在脚背外传出精彩的传球。雷纳托·桑切斯(Renato Sanchez)射门得分,并将球带上。费利克斯(Felix)错失了杀人机会。特拉奥雷(Traore)从替补席上完成了国家队的首场表演,表现非常出色。活性。最后,葡萄牙在主场0-0战平西班牙。

At 2:45 on October 8, Beijing time, the German national team played a friendly match with the Turkish national team. In the first half, Draxler scored an offside shot and was blown. In addition, the two sides did not have a good chance. Before the end of the half, Haverts directly assisted Draxler with a shot. In the second half, Tufan used the German error World Wave to equalize the score, Havertz assisted Neuhaus to score, and then Karadzha broke into the penalty area with a steal in the frontcourt to tie the score again. Waldschmidt volleyed in the penalty area to get the national team's first goal. Karaman scored to equalize the score before the end of the game. In the end the score was Germany 3-3 Turkey.

北京时间10月8日凌晨2:45,德国国家队与土耳其国家队进行了友谊赛。在上半场,Draxler越位射门被炸飞。此外,双方都没有很好的机会。在上半场结束之前,哈维特斯直接协助德拉克斯勒射门。下半场,图范用德国人错误的World Wave得分,Havertz协助Neuhaus得分,然后Karadzha闯入点球区,在前场抢断再次将比分追平。沃尔德施密特在禁区抽射获得国家队的第一个进球。卡拉曼在比赛结束前得分均分。最终比分是德国3-3土耳其。

At 2:45 on October 8, Beijing time, Italy played against Moldova in a friendly match. In the first half, Siligou saved Niculescu's shot, Christiane scored a header, Biragi assisted Caputo to make a contribution, Shalawi extended the score, Bossmark had an own goal, and Shalawi played in stoppage time. One city. In the second half, Locatelli and Bonaventura's shots were blocked by the goalkeeper, Griffo assisted Berardi to push the goal, and finally, Italy 6-0 Moldova.


At 3:10 on October 8, Beijing time, France played against Ukraine in a friendly match. In the first half, Kamawenga scored with a barb, Martial’s shot was blocked by the goalkeeper, Giroud World wave, Toliso volley was saved, Giroud made a header shot, Maicolenko topped the ball Into his own goal. In the second half, Zigankov scored and recovered a goal, Mbappe passed a shot, Toliso, Griezmann scored long-range goals, in the end, France 7-1 Ukraine.


At 02:45 on October 8, Beijing time, the Netherlands and Mexico played a friendly match. In the first half, the Netherlands made frequent mistakes in the backcourt, and almost all the threatening attacks in the frontcourt came from Depay. In the second half, Ake sent points, Jimenez made a penalty and Depay hit the frieze. In the end, the Netherlands 0-1 Mexico.


According to the news of Ming Kee Romano, Inter Milan announced that the team defender Skriniar's new crown test result was positive.

根据Ming Kee Romano的消息,国际米兰宣布球队后卫Skriniar的新冠测结果是肯定的。

According to the US media Bloomberg News, the Premier League will sue PP Sports, claiming $215 million because PP Sports has not paid the broadcast fee.

根据美国媒体彭博新闻社的报道,英超联赛将起诉PP Sports,要求赔偿2.15亿美元,因为PP Sports尚未支付广播费。

According to several Western media reports such as Radio Serre and Radio Catalina, the results of the no-confidence vote against Barcelona Chairman Bartomeu have reached the standard and the impeachment process will start.


In the early morning of October 8th, Beijing time, France faced Ukraine in an international friendly match. Giroud scored twice in the first half, bringing his national team to 42 goals, becoming the second French striker in history.


The Spanish club officially issued an announcement confirming that two players from the club's first team tested positive for the new crown this morning and the two players have been quarantined.


According to the latest official news from Bohemia in 1905, the legendary Czech star Panenka has been sent to the intensive care unit with the new crown virus. He is currently in a critical condition.


According to the "Oriental Sports Daily" news, because he can speak both English and Portuguese, Wei Shihao has become the most sought-after training partner for the national football players.


On October 7, Beijing time, the domestic media "Football" reported that due to a crisis of confidence in local referees, the Chinese Football Association is urgently hiring foreign referees to come to China to enforce the law.


Beijing time tonight, the match between Chengdu Xingcheng and Taizhou Yuanda in the Chinese A League is going on. In the first half, Chengdu Xingcheng's goal was blown offside, causing huge controversy.


In the eighth round of the Chinese Premier League match between Heilongjiang and Kunshan, the referee awarded Kunshan a penalty at the last moment, which caused extreme dissatisfaction with Heilongjiang players and the coaching staff, and the game was once suspended for a long time.


Former R&F foreign aid Zahavi recently talked about his relationship with R&F in an interview with an Israeli reporter, and revealed some dissatisfaction with R&F in his words.


Milan’s former player Maxi Lopez, who is now playing in Serie C, talked about his teammates with Ibrahimovic. He said that Ibrahimovic had told him that if he talked back, he would blow his face.

米兰的前球员马克西·洛佩兹(Maxi Lopez)现在正在意甲联赛中效力,他谈到了与易卜拉欣莫维奇(Ibrahimovic)的队友。他说,伊布(Ibrahimovic)告诉他,如果他回话,他会blow地。

In an interview with the No Passion No Point podcast, Liverpool player Van Dijk said: "Liverpool will definitely be a tough season this season. Everyone wants to see us fail."

利物浦球员范·迪克(Van Dijk)在接受No Passion No Point播客采访时说:“利物浦本赛季无疑将是艰难的赛季。每个人都希望看到我们失败。”

Benzema was not selected for the squad for the French national team. Giroud said in an interview that he felt very sorry.


The warm-up match between Portugal and Spain was the first time that Ronaldo and Ramos, the two former Real Madrid teammates, met in two years. Ronaldo posted a photo of him with Shui Ye and Pepe after the game.


16:00 The 8th round of China League Beijing Renhe vs Beijing North Sports University


19:00 The 8th round of the Chinese Premier League Changchun Yatai vs Nantong Zhiyun


19:35 The 8th round of the Chinese Premier League Shenyang City vs Guizhou Hengfeng


2:45 Friendly match Belgium vs Côte d'Ivoire


3:00 Friendlies England vs Wales


8:10 World Preliminaries Argentina vs Ecuador


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